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Written by Jason Bryk a Winnipeg lawyer at Pitblado Law practicing in the areas of Corporate/Commercial Law with an emphasis on real estate law, condominium law, secured lending and borrowing, and real estate development, www.manitobarealestatelawyer.com provides insight, information and commentary on real estate, finance and condominium issues in Manitoba. To read more about Jason click here.

Latest News from Our Blog

Perfecting a Security Interest in Serial Numbered Goods

January 2005

Under the version of The Personal Property Security Act (Manitoba) in force prior to September 5, 2000, serial-numbered goods were limited to motor vehicles (broadly defined) and aircraft.  Under the current version of the legislation (the "MPPSA"), serial-numbered goods include not only motor vehicles and aircraft, but also trailers (i.e.; whether or not they are self-propelled),...

Extinguishment of Certain Interests in Real Property Consequent upon the Occurrence of Certain Non-Consensual Real Property Ownership Changes

August 2013

Most readers will be familiar with the concept that certain land interests, although duly registered against the title to the affected land, will lose their registration priority where ownership of the land changes by reason of:

  1. a municipal property tax sale;
  2. a prior registered mortgagee's sale; or
  3. an acquisition of title from a prior registered mortgagee in a foreclosure proceeding.


Establishment of Easements and Other Rights in Neighbours' Properties Can be Difficult

July 2020

English law has - for centuries - paid special attention to protecting rights in real property.  The expression "A man's home is his castle" reflected the prevailing view of judges and lawyers (in particular, conveyancers), at least insofar as royalty/the aristocracy/the landed classes were concerned.  In disputes between rival claimants to land - or an interest in land - the system...